5 Tips For Healthy Eating On Vacation

This is a guest post written by Cole Millen, an avid traveler and foodie. Read more about him at the end of the post.

Planning a vacation is exciting, and actually going on vacation should be a blast! However, if you forget to think about healthy eating on vacation; you can end up stressed out and feeling ill. Before you leave for any adventure, take time to prepare. A little early planning can go a long way in successfully maintaining your healthy diet, while having the most fun possible!

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

1. Snacking Right

While traveling to your destination, make sure you remain well hydrated, and take along your own nutritious snacks so as to avoid pitfalls of high-fat, sugary foods that lurk at rest stops or airports along the way. I like to bring a water bottle that I can refill anywhere. This helps me remain hydrated and avoid drinking sodas full of caffeine and sweeteners.

2. When you Arrive

At your destination, make a stop at a grocer’s or health market to pick up fresh fruit, nuts or other nutritious goodies. Keep these in your room to help you ward off midnight munchies. To take further precautions, refuse the key to the mini bar. You don’t need those pricey calories to help you enjoy your vacation.

3. Finding the Right Hotel

Before even booking a hotel, do a little research on the area where you plan to travel and the accommodations available. Choose a hotel that has all of the appropriate accommodations and amenities that allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. I have found that in my travels finding a hotel that has the total package can be extremely difficult. I recently began using reviews from other travelers to gain information regarding hotel destinations and it has worked great.

On my last trip I found a great site that listed reviews for hotels in Las Vegas regarding not only the amenities and accommodations the hotels had, but also the restaurants in the area along with things to do. These great reviews helped me to pick a great hotel and even plan out the restaurants that I could visit while being there.  Planning ahead in this manner will allow you to enjoy your vacation and stay healthy with ease.

4. Planning Ahead

Consider your plans each day. On vacation, you’ll want to splurge and enjoy some special treats. Just make sure that you also have some healthy meals and snacks for balance. Breakfast is particularly easy. If your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, select oatmeal, fresh fruit, whole-grain toast and perhaps a boiled egg or two. Leave doughnuts, muffins and other high-calorie breakfast foods alone.

If you want to eat at a famous local diner for lunch, feel free to indulge in a high-calorie specialty. Then in the evening, stick to healthier cuisine from a Mediterranean café or healthy salad bar. If you want to enjoy a decadent dinner some evening, go ahead, but for lunch that day stick to a healthy salad or wrap with baby carrots or celery sticks on the side. Moderation will help you enjoy your vacation while maintaining healthy habits.

5. Be Wary of Menu “Watch Words”

You will likely eat out a lot during your vacation. Simply follow the guidelines you use when eating out near home. Read the menu carefully, and avoid food described as “smothered,” “battered” or “deep fried.” Words such as “boiled,” “steamed” and “baked” are much safer. Look at pictures too. Brightly colored dishes tend to be higher in nutrients than those primarily white, beige or other neutral colors.

You have planned a great getaway for yourself. Relax and enjoy your vacation. When you take the time to make sure you are still eating healthy, you will have a better stay and return more refreshed than ever. Happy travels!

Cole Millen is an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.” Follow his blog at Cole’s Mill.

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