Workouts You Hate – Workout #134

When I was a CrossFit regular, I hated doing dead lifts. The were heavy, slow, and too repetitive. I liked to go-go-go! My lack of discipline in the movement also led to a tweaked back on a few occasions. But that will happen on dead lift rep 73…

I also hated Thrusters and burpees, but in a different way. I embraced the movements because I know they challenge me. Thrusters and burpees are worth doing because they are full-body movements that challenge every muscle I have, calling on all my focus, strength, and discipline. The hate is actually more of a respectful nod to the movement, but we all know the moment when you look at a workout and say,

Argghhhh! I hate (fill in the blank)!

Want I want to challenge you to today is to think of the 3-4 movements you respectfully “hate”. Maybe they’re burpees, bicycle abs, table pulls, overhead press, lunges, or any of the other 40+ movements we’ve done this year. Choose them on the criteria of how much the movement challenges you to be your best on every single rep. At home workouts can be easier to do, but if you spend a little time with The Simple Gym, you’ll see how challenging body weight exercises can be.

When we challenge ourselves to be at our best each rep, we inevitably improve with each rep. Are we perfect? Perhaps we will have the perfect form on occasion, but we’re not pursuing perfection.

We are on the relentless pursuit of daily improvement


Because of this we have the courage to wake up and say,

Today I go a little further

Will you always achieve this? No, there will be days nothing goes right. There will be days when you lift less weight or run slower. But the courage to stand in the arena and dare greatly is a much grander way to live than simply shrugging to say “not me, I won’t challenge myself”.

The Workouts You Hate

For me, it looks like this:

5 Rounds for time

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 5 Man-makers (each arm)

Today you have the option of doing the workout I hate, or you can choose the workout you hate. Either way is fine. Pick 3-4 movements and complete 3-5 rounds.

Step in to the arena and live greatly.