Canvas Bag Workouts – Part 2

The Cinch Tote from Topo Designs – great for whatever you need, including workouts!

One of our core beliefs at The Simple Gym is this:

You Can Find Fitness Anywhere

In part one of the canvas bag workouts, we put that belief to the test. You can use a simple canvas bag to add a level of weight resistance to your movements, and see your fitness goals demolished.

With a canvas bag.

When you consider the implications of this, you can begin to see other everyday items as possible exercise equipment. Gallons of water, bags of sand, or tree branches all suddenly have bigger implications, and there is a sense of play about your life.

It’s amazing 🙂

So here is part two of the canvas bag workout set. Enjoy!

Canvas Bag Workouts – Part 2

5 Rounds for time

  • 10 Shoulder raises (each arm) – alternate front and side if desired
  • 10 Tricep extensions
  • 1 minute of Farmer Carry
  • 30 seconds of Jump rope (no bag necessary)