The Culprit


photo credit: LegendLarry’s, creative commons

I have a confession, I have learned that when I have a really good workout, I tend to let my eating slip.  I know all the reason that I shouldn’t be eating that pound cake, but I do it anyway, because, I had a really good workout. I can’t explain it. Hopefully, I’m not the only one out there with this dilemma.  As I’m munching on snack foods, I even think to myself

Your totally cancelling out all that hard work you just did!

So how do we move passed this crisis?  Well, one thing is probably to not have these foods in the house. My excuse was a recent get together at our place. Since I never have these foods in the house, I think I went a little over board.  I also think we should give ourselves a limit before getting in to a mess. Before even putting your hand in the chip bag, give yourself a restriction, two handfuls or 10 chips is plenty.

Working out is great, but what good does it do if we don’t follow it up with good foods? I think this is a question we have to constantly think about. Just imagine what the possibilities would be if we did both!

The Simple Gym: a balanced choice

Healthy does not necessarily mean super thin. It does not necessarily mean super strong. I believe healthy is when all aspects of your life are balanced, as much as humanly possible. Which these days, can seem pretty impossible. Healthy is even the idea that you are working towards something.  It means taking care of yourself in all areas of your life, eating good foods and moving. Foods that fuel you well and don’t have a roller coaster affect on your body. This means even taking the time to learn about these different kinds of fuel.

Healthy means exercising and doing it in a safe and productive way. It’s about finding the right kind of workouts for your body and being able to see how it changes you. It’s looking at your body as a whole and seeing how things work together.

The Simple Gym is about balance and finding the time to exercise.  The workouts are here to help motivate you and keep your body guessing, so it does not get stuck doing the same things. Some of the work outs will be pure with no weights involved. Other times I will use a kettle bell or dumbbell.  All of the workouts can be tailored to your abilities and goals. The Simple Gym is about using what you have and being creative.

I am so glad you have checked out the website. That is one step closer to becoming more active and healthy.  We understand that healthy choices are not always easy. In reality,  you are the only one who can truly motivate yourself.  No one is going to pry you up off the ground.  Be the balance your body so desperately needs. You will be so glad you did!