Simple Gym Radio – Interview with Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete


Today I’m thrilled to share this interview with Matt Frazier from We discuss vegan & paleo diets, running, habit formation, & marathon training.

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Once you’ve downloaded the interview, you can add it to iTunes or another audio player, and listen on the go. If you want to jump to a specific topic, timestamps are listed below. Hope you enjoy!

Vegan Diet @ 1:48

Why Paleo and Vegans should stop hating each other @ 10:25

Paleo & Vegan @ 11:17

Simple Ways to move toward a healthy diet @ 13:34

Michael Pollen & Food Rules @ 15:00

Energy @ 16:20

7 Day Vegan Challenge @ 17:40

Running @ 22:40

Running as a habit @ 25:52

Running steps and breathing @ 32:23

Half Marathon/ Marathon 39:48

Links & Resources

No Meat Athlete Half-Marathon & Marathon Training Programs

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Body, Mind, Sport by John Douillard



Homemade Energy Gel & Homemade Energy Bar

Why Paleo and Vegans should stop hating each other

The Most Mathematically Perfect Playlists for Running


What do you think about having an interview available on The Simple Gym? Would you like to hear more? Prefer articles? Or both?

  • Jessica

    It’s a nice addition to your features. (though is it just me or is the audio of the guest speaker not 100%)
    You bring a fairly balanced view of how you can eat more healthily as an active person. I hope nobody feels The SImple Gym is ‘imposing’ a certain diet, since not everybody might agree or be at the point to embrace such dietary changes. But I see this as an opinion from you guys and -as you mention- encouragement. And given that you have more time than I do to research this, I appreciate getting this ‘delivered to my inbox’ 🙂

    • Hey Jessica, thanks so much for your feedback. We do not impose a specific diet, such as vegan, vegetarian, or paleo. All diets have their pros and cons, and can be taken to extremes by people. If I were to recommend a certain diet, it would be to simply eat as much “real” food as possible! Plenty of fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, beans, etc. Bread is a little tricker for me, because it’s naturally processed. When I eat bread, I try stick with minimal ingredients, e.g. Ezekiel Bread. This is actually the topic of a blog post I’m writing, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on that also!