Keep Moving – Workout #125

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of workouts this week, we are in the process of moving to Nashville! Actually, we have moved as of yesterday, and are unpacking. Next week we’ll be getting back in to the blog posts as well, the first one being about simple living and materialistic purging. On to the workout!


Today we will be doing a pyramid workout, try and keep your breathing pulse rate steady throughout the movements!

Movement 1 – Burpees

Movement 2 – Squat to Overhead Press (SOHP)

Base Movement – Bridge

Remember, a pyramid workout means you will do 9 burpees then 1 SOHP, followed by 8 burpees then 2 SOHP, and so on. Eventually you will be doing 1 burpee then 9 SOHP. The base movement is optional, and after each round of burpees/SOHP, you would do 30 seconds of a the bridge movement.

Thanks for being patient, we’ll be back with regular workouts next week, and new blog posts! Have a great weekend, wherever you are.