The Paleo Diet Part 2 – Eat Like a Caveman

Just over 2 weeks ago we started on our Paleo Diet adventure. Eating nothing but good meat, fruit, and veggies. Matt and I both came up with a “cheat”, something we were not going to give up, mine was raw sugar in my coffee, and Matt’s was the occasional beer. I didn’t think I ate a whole lot of sugar before starting, but apparently, I ate enough to kind of shock my body. I noticed some lingering headaches.

After the first week though the headaches were gone. I felt pretty good about how our meals were going. They were very well planned out and colorful. I didn’t crave anything sugary, of course, I tried not to expose myself to it either. Then it happened, friends came in to town…

Paleo diet poison

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

I did great the night before, not having any of the famous corn pudding or the desserts. The second night was a different story. My will power was weakened by the smells of fresh baked biscuits and jam.


Paleo Diet Baked Chicken

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Ok, so I cheated a little. But, as of a week ago, I’ve been back in the game! I hope what you can take away from this is that eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t once-in-a-while enjoy something not-so-good-for-you. If anyone needs to hear this, it’s me. I think, “oh no! I just had (fill in the blank) and now everything is ruined” Not true, and stop being so hard on yourself! Just start the clock again, not all is lost. For me I’ll just grab some more chicken and vegetables.

The Paleo Diet has been fun so far. Stay tuned next week for a list of my favorite Paleo Diet recipes!

And the adventure continues…