PDF 2014 – Public Displays of Fitness

Time to put Simple Gym to the test…

Thanks for sticking with us during an unannounced sabbatical. Sorry for leaving you stranded during the “heaviest” time of the year. I can’t help be curious though, if you’ve been with us for a while, did you feel empowered and able to put together some of your own workouts? If you only follow the blog, this post seems rather hypocritical, since this is the first public post in nearly 3 months. You need to get on the email list my friend, where workouts are conveniently emailed out 3x per week. 

One of our hopes for the community is you would begin to look at what’s available to workout with, and what you’re able to to do on your own. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Ok Matt & Morgan, but what have YOU been doing this past month?

I’d be annoyed with me also, but know we have been cooking up something for the community. We want 2014 to be a year you tackle a public fitness challenge, like a 5-10k run! Even if you’ve signed up for the Simple Gym in the past month and have completed the starter sessions, you’re set for the 5k plan.

Been working out with the Simple Gym for 3-6 months? You’re probably ready for the 10k plan!

If you’ve been working out regularly with us for the whole year, I think a half marathon should be a part of your big audacious goal for 2014. Think about it.

2014 is a year of PDF’s for the Simple Gym, and I hope you’ll join us.