On Getting Out of the Way

I had a great conversation with Jedd Rose of Topo Designs this week. Eventually, it will be a podcast episode everyone will be able to share, which I'm super-excited about. But I wanted to share something Jedd talked about that I think has important … [Read more]

The Simple Manifesto, Part 1

Today We Start Whether it's day 1, 100, or 1000 in our pursuit of fitness and function, we start today as a new day, a gift to use our bodies as they've been used for the past thousands of years and billions of people. We will run, jump pull, push, … [Read more]

Canvas Bag Workouts – Part 2

One of our core beliefs at The Simple Gym is this: You Can Find Fitness Anywhere In part one of the canvas bag workouts, we put that belief to the test. You can use a simple canvas bag to add a level of weight resistance to your movements, and see … [Read more]

Coffee Time – Workout #133

One of the first things I do in the morning is get the coffee started. Admittedly, we are snobby coffee folks, and drink coffee in a pour-over method using a Chemex. While delicious, it's not the most time effective solution in the morning, and … [Read more]