The Simple Manifesto

Today We Start

Whether it’s day 1, 100, or 1000 in our pursuit of fitness and function, we start today as a new day, a gift to use our bodies as they’ve been used for the past thousands of years and billions of people. We will run, jump pull, push, lift, and throw not just our bodies but our will to do what we never thought was possible, from one pullup to one hundred miles. We welcome everyone because we are everyone, from across the world and the spectrum of age we high-five your initiative and cheer you each day. We want to offer an alternative to big-box gyms and workouts. You can lose weight and get in great shape just by working out at your home, the local park, or even the office!¬†Here is a community of people who want to be the change in the world each day, and are ready to wake up and make it.

The change begins today, we start today. Join us. 

The Simple Manifesto is an ongoing series of challenges to the status quo. Check back often for additions, or we’ll be shouting it from the world-wide rooftops. Join the Resistance.