road trip  @ 2879The Simple Gym is about balance and finding the time to exercise. Four days a week, we will be posting a new workout. The workouts are here to help motivate you and keep your body guessing, so it does not get stuck doing the same things. Some of the workouts will be pure, with no weights involved. Other times we will use a kettlebell, dumbbell, canvas bags, or buckets!  All of the workouts can be tailored to your abilities and goals. The Simple Gym is about using what you have and being creative.

I want to offer an alternative to big-box gyms and workouts. You can lose weight and get in great shape just by working out at your home, the local park, or even the office! I want to keep your fitness simple, because everything else is so crazy. The Simple Gym isn’t for everyone, it will take dedication and determination. I will give you the workouts, but you have to be your coach. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. But the commitment and sacrifice will be worth it.

Good things in life always are.

May health and happiness be yours,